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dwell in your own tranquility


Over against the world
With all its turbulence,
Distraction and worry,
One can only cultivate a mind
That can reach through
To an inner stillness and calm.

The world cannot ruffle
The dignity of a soul
That dwells in its own tranquility.

Gradually, this serenity
Will begin to pervade our seeing
And change the way we perceive
All things.

~ John O’Donohue

Tranquility. Dignity. Massage.

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Come to Your Senses

Just lying down and letting ourselves drop into body awareness
is a poignant and potent way of affirming
that we are slowly but surely coming to our senses

and that the world of direct experience,
behind all the thinking and all the self-absorption,

is still intact and utterly available to us for our succor
for our healing, and for our knowing how to be…

and, when we return to the doing,
for knowing what to do and how to begin again…

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Coming To Our Senses

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