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Winter Blues

Seasonal depression affects many of us. If you have found yourself experiencing the winter blues, try the following tips to help overcome depression and restore joy to your life.

  • Get a massage, and take a hot bath afterwards, to increase blood flow to muscles and allow you to relax.
  • Turn on some background music which can offer a relaxing way to take your mind off your worries.
  • Unwind with a relaxing walk to help you reduce stress.
  • Treat yourself to a nap. Too little sleep causes slowed metabolism and increased appetite, risking over-eating, unhealthy food choices, and inactivity.
  • Keep finances in check. Studies show that financial stress is one of the main reasons adults worry.
  • Go Zen. Take up restorative yoga, tai chi, or meditation. These mind-body strategies incorporate improving posture, relaxing, and stretching to improve balance and coordination while simultaneously decreasing stress.
  • Release inner tension. Never underestimate the power of a good sex life and reconnecting with your significant other.
  • Take time to laugh. Comedy is good for the soul. Whether it comes from rented movies, downloaded comedy sketches, or going to improv or karaoke, a good laugh goes a long way.
  • Go hiking, bicycling, or skating by yourself, or with your family, to breathe good air and re-balance your life priorities.

All these activities increase your energy, and the more energy you have, the less likely you’ll be overwhelmed by depression that sometimes comes with the winter season.

So says Dr. Moshe Lewis, Chief of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at California Pacific Medical Center, St. Luke’s Campus in San Francisco.


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