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Robin Malmquist, Seifukujitsu practitionerI have been practicing massage for over 20 years. My goal with each massage is to discover and address the client’s individual needs for balance, alignment, and vitality. My style is similar to Clinical Deep Tissue massage but so much more.

Seifukujitsu is a Japanese restorative bodywork developed 100 years ago as a sports therapy for injuries resulting from martial arts practice. It is also a highly effective treatment for stress, headaches, stiff neck, pain in the low back, ITB, sciatica … the list goes on.

This is an oil based massage, a firm approach to muscle function and structural anatomy. 

I apply broad stroke forearm movements right at the edge of pain, right at the edge of muscle resistance. A rocking movement of my forearm produces a palpitation that effects changes deep into the body. These palpitations and the pressure from the movements of my forearm guide me in quickly discovering the muscles that need working, sliding past those that don’t. Old injuries can be addressed; additional sessions may be needed to break through established holding patterns. No two sessions are identical. 

Try something different. Try Seifukujitsu, the practice of restoring alignment.

Align. Heal. Get massage.

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