The Massage Therapy Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality clinical massage and bodywork to alleviate physical pain, reduce stress, and support healing and well-being for our clients. Massage is an excellent way of doing these, and here are some additional tools that may be beneficial:

The Hakomi Method  This experiential psychotherapy combines Eastern traditions such as mindfulness with a highly effective Western methodology. Loving presence and the healing relationship are central to Hakomi. It is a body-centered somatic approach that is gentle, powerful, and effective.

Hatha Yoga  This ancient practice utilizes various disciplines including body positions called Asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation. Practicing Yoga creates balance between body and mind; promotes relaxation, flexibility, and strength; and improves health. We recommend Avalon Yoga in Palo Alto (next door to Massage Therapy Center) as a place to learn and practice Hatha Yoga.