Cherry Blossoms

Take a moment to look closely at these Spring flowers—the details, the color, the vibrancy. Then notice, at the same time, what you perceive in your body as you are been touched by this beauty? Is there a small movement inside that helps you expand and relate differently to yourself? As you resume what you were doing, what shift do you notice in your perception?

If all the working and commuting and errand-running and parenting and partnering and cooking and cleaning and living you do on a daily basis sometimes leaves you feeling just a tad stressed-out, take heart. Though you may think it’s impossible to de-crazy your life, there are plenty of ways to create some much-needed calm. Those peaceful pauses? We call them ahhh moments. They’re the brief but restorative times when you stop thinking about your have-to list and focus instead on the things that lift up your spirits, stir your soul, and nourish your body.