Self-care is important. Remember, tending to our self-care is just as important as outer activities and responsibilities because it is essential for maintaining balance, staying healthy, and feeling good. Nurturing ourselves is rooted in self-love, and it requires healthy boundaries, so that we can say ‘yes’ more often to what supports our well-being, and ‘no’ to what isn’t in our best interest.

Do what nourishes you. Make a list of all the things that you feel deeply nurtured and rejuvenated by. It might be doing yoga, creating art, curling up with a great book, walking in the woods, relaxing with friends, soaking in the tub, sitting in silence. Set aside time during the day, week, and month to tend to what helps you stay peaceful and renewed. Especially through the busy holidays, this is essential self-care.

Get weekly massage. There’s nothing like aware touch to bring you back into your body. Too much overdoing can truly make you feel ‘out of touch’ with yourself, as well as disconnected from those around you. Slowing down, bringing attention to the breath and your sensate world is grounding and calming, transforming stress and moving you back towards balance. Massage is a delicious way to help you relax, so you can better enjoy this holiday season!

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